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Our goal is to provide enrichment education that considers the interests and challenges of the growing stewards of our planet, using contemporary technology, and grounded in timeless wisdom.

Jumping in the Leaves

Our after school programs give children a chance to connect with each other and their environment through nature based education and exploration. Social emotional learning, mindfulness and creative expression also play a major role in our curriculum.

After School Programs

Raising a Hand

Supporting children in engagement in new hobbies can help them find their passion in life. Providing structure and fun activities makes the learning process easier and smoother, to help instill a lifelong love of learning.

Weekend and evening classes

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We can help keep your kids engaged throughout the year by providing opportunities to have fun new experiences in a safe and well structured class. It's a great chance to meet new friends they might not otherwise have the opportunity to get to know.

School break 

day camps

Helping Tutor

Individualized support is one of the best ways to scaffold your child's interests. We create a unique education plan that caters to your child's learning style and areas of interest including a homework plan so you can support your student outside of tutoring sessions.  

Tutoring and 

private lessons

In all our programs, we focus on the following learning objectives in order to help set them up for a happy, healthy, engaged life.


-Allowing space and time for children to explore the natural world and get to know the land they live on

-Facilitating opportunities for authentic relating to peers through project based learning

-Fostering deepened confidence and sense of self through mindfulness and social emotional learning


-Freeform visual art using a variety of mediums including those made from nature

-Singing songs and exploring acoustic and electronic instruments

-Spending time reflecting, and writing thoughts and feelings


-Paying attention to emerging technologies, so that we can teach our children how to use them to make the world a better place

-Facilitating good communication so that our children can find community through common interests and goals

-Introducing basic business, and political concepts as a means to effect change 

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