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OAKs Program
(Outdoor Adventure Kids)

Our OAKs program is a collaboration between Youth Paradigm and Terra Forma Education. It is a nature based after school program that operates adjacent to Lincoln OPTIONS Elementary. Our goal is to inspire connection to nature, strong community, healthy bodies, and freedom to express themselves through art and music. Each week we do yoga or qi gong, art, field trips, naturalist activities, music, and lots of fun games!

Outdoor education has too many benefits to list all of them, but just to list a few:

  • Improves immune system functionality

  • Social emotional skills

  • Improves attention & awareness

  • Wilderness skills

  • Strength and Resiliency

Terra Forma camps

These awesome Summer camps offered through our partner organization Terra-Forma Education. They offer many unique programs based on a model that incorporates the concepts of mythic journey and magical realism with environmental education. In these programs, participants of all ages interact with characters in a complex story that is forming around them. The seemingly spontaneous story line leads them through the challenges of self-awareness and group dynamics, as decisions are made that shape the future of the planet, just as it happens in our daily lives. Unlike many traditional education models, these participants are exposed to real life situations, and forced to make real life decisions, that help them become responsible adults. This all happens in the moment, without forethought, as students are involved and actively seeking knowledge, some for the first time.

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